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About us

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The official story of Handymade company began on July 8, 2015, with its official establishment.  But the conceptualization and initial inspiration for Handymade may have indeed originated much earlier in my mind.

"I am Veronika, and together with Filip, my all-in-one partner (meaning everything in one: husband, colleague, friend, father of our children...), we form the core of Handymade company."

We live and do business in Slovakia - in a small town called Prievidza. After a few years of business, we gradually expanded to the Czech market. In 2023, we further expanded our e-shop to include countries within the European Union.

We acquire knowledge from the best sources. We are students of accredited courses offered by Formula Botanica, and we also learn from Susan M. Parker, the author of the book "Power of the Seed" – a "bible" of plant oils. We complement our knowledge with books and magazines as well.

However, we are no longer alone in this journey. We have five talented employees who assist us in our work. They prepare and package orders and take care of all the necessary tasks.

Our goal is simple. Our aim from the beginning has been to provide you with exceptional service in the following areas:

  • To offer a wide selection of high-quality ingredients for the production of natural cosmetics at the best available quality and at a reasonable price.
  • To provide detailed and relevant information about each ingredient.
  • To offer a wide range of cosmetic packaging options with certifications for use in the cosmetics industry.
  • To provide the option to purchase in larger quantities, enabling cost and packaging material savings.
  • To operate with minimal waste generation, striving to minimize the creation of new waste and actively recycling the existing waste.
  • To provide top-notch customer-oriented services focused on meeting customer needs and ensuring their satisfaction.
  • To be flexible and adapt quickly to changing conditions and individual requirements.
  • And most importantly, to come to work with a smile and have a positive working environment.

That is us! A team of people who work every day to enable you to mix, cook, blend, infuse, and steep at home. And we do it with the utmost love and passion :)