Business conditions

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These General Terms and Conditions govern any rights and obligations of contracting parties resulting them from the purchase contract concluded between the Seller – Handymade s.r.o., with registered office at Montážna 15 Prievidza, 971 01, Company registration No: 48230111, registered in the Commercial Register (CR) of the District Court Trenčín, TLR No: 36681/R (hereinafter referred to only as "Seller") and Buyer, whose subject matter shall be purchase and sale of the goods on the web page of Seller ́s online shop.

The e-shop is operated by the Seller:

Handymade s.r.o., Montážna 15, 97101 Prievidza, Slovakia

Registered in the Commercial Register (CR) of the District Court Trenčín, TLR No: 36681/R


Registration number: 48230111

VAT number: SK2120102314

1.1. These Business Terms and Conditions as valid on the day of the purchase contract conclusion form an inseparable part of the purchase contract. In case that the Seller and Buyer enter into a written purchase contract, in which they agree upon any terms being different from these Business Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the purchase contract will be in preference to these Business Terms and Conditions. Such agreed terms and conditions shall not conflict with other legal regulations (shortening of the period for goods return, warranty period, etc.)

1.2. For purposes of these Business Terms and Conditions, the ancillary contract shall mean a contract under which the Buyer acquires the goods or is provided a service related to the subject matter of the purchase contract if the goods are delivered or the service is provided by the Seller or a third party under their agreement.

1.3. Seller hereby reserves the right to modify the price for the goods stated on any web page of the online shop operated by the Seller. The price modification of the goods shall not apply to purchase contracts concluded prior to the price modification, regardless of the fact that the goods have not yet been delivered.

1.4. If the Seller fails to comply with his obligations under the valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic or the European Communities or under these Business Terms and Conditions, the Buyer may exercise his right against the Seller through the competent court.

An order

The goods published on our website can be ordered online directly from our online store, or by e-mail at the address: . In the case of ordering by e-mail, it is necessary to state the catalog number of the product, the required quantity and your exact address with telephone number. In addition, specify the desired method of transport and payment.

In case of confusion, contact us by e-mail or by phone at 0950 333 113, where we will be happy to answer your questions.

The condition for the order to be valid is to fill in all mandatory data in the order form. The order is also a proposal for a purchase contract, the conclusion of which does not require confirmation of the order by the seller, and the contract is thus created by the delivery of the goods itself.

Obligations of the seller

We undertake to deliver the ordered goods to our customers in the required quantity and at the purchase price valid on the day the order is sent.

All the goods that we sell on our online store comply with the standards, rules and regulations valid in the Slovak Republic.

However, we are not responsible for:

  • damage to the shipment caused by the shipping company;
  • delayed delivery of goods caused by the transport company;
  • delayed delivery of goods caused by incorrect contact information;
  • possible non-delivery of goods that occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer (supplier) as a result of any restriction or cancellation of distribution rights or other unforeseen obstacles.

Obligations of the buyer

By sending the order, the customer (buyer) undertakes:

  • Take over the ordered goods , check their condition and, in case of any defects, report them to us immediately.
  • Pay the purchase price for the goods in the amount and in accordance with the payment conditions valid on the day the order is sent.