Loyalty discounts

Back01. 09. 2015

We greatly appreciate the favor of our customers, and we automatically include every registered customer in our loyalty discount program. The following loyalty discount system is valid exclusively for retail customers.

If the accumulated total of all your orders placed on www.handymade.store exceeds the following limits, you will be granted the corresponding discount (this refers to the total accumulated turnover and does not apply to any specific period):

€200 - €500 DISCOUNT 3%
€501 - €800 DISCOUNT 5%
€801 and above DISCOUNT 7%

You can track the current amount of your loyalty discount by logging in to the website www.handymade.store on the top bar. To claim the loyalty discount, you need to click on the "REQUEST LOYALTY DISCOUNT" button after logging in to our website, in the "My Account" section. (Please note that this button is active only if you are eligible for a higher discount than the one currently active).

Once you reach the threshold for a discount or move to a higher discount level, the discount will be automatically applied to your next order.

Once you obtain a loyalty discount, it applies to all your future purchases on www.handymade.store, and you will not lose it.

IMPORTANT: To be eligible for the loyalty discount on your purchase, you need to be registered and logged in before placing each order. If the customer does not log in before submitting the order, the discount will not be granted.

Handymade s.r.o. reserves the right to make any changes to the loyalty program.